I’m getting somewhere, I think.

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Ideas for the synth soldiers.


The client work is done and I can concentrate on assets for the store again.
I’ve been thinking about this as, so far, no sales have materialised. I think there are several reasons for this. The chief one is that when I first researched what to make for the store I looked at Sci Fi environments. At that time (so long ago now) there was not much. One or two environment kits and only one stood out with any quality. That was one of ManufacturaK4’s early asset packs and, critically, it was in the traditional grey metal industrial ‘dirty’ sci fi style. So a high quality clean sci fi environment pack seemed a good bet.
Since those days until now several quite good packs have emerged and other complimentary assets besides. There is also quite a lot of terrible asset packs.
So, simply put, I’m going to have to try a lot harder to stand out and get noticed.
My plan is to continue to add value to the asset pack (of course) and, at the same time, create smaller complimentary assets that can help drive people to discover the main assets. On top of this I’ll publish tutorials and materials that also show how to get the most from them; in effect showcases for the assets.
It’s a tall order but I really need to do this or it is all wasted effort.
First up is going to be a synthetic cyborg-like soldier to patrol the rooms and corridors. I’m gearing up for some sculpting. I’ll post progress as it happens.

Happy Daylight Saving!
Well it’s been a busy few days. I wish I could say I’ve been rushed off my feet dealing with support for the asset pack but sadly that’s not the case. In fact I can safely say I’ve fumbled the launch of the Sci Fi pack.

It’s not all down to my own ineptitude, I think it’s fair to say, but a bit of bad luck. In an ideal world I would have planned it to the nth degree and had time to react to anything that caused a surprise in the publishing process. Doing it for the first time, combined with two young children, plus other client work in the mix and it’s been a perfect storm. Okay, a bit of an overstatement, but the Asset Store surprised me to begin with by accepting my assets after just over a week. I was expecting a few lines of feedback and suggested fixes before a resubmission – being the first time I’d done this and all. So I thought I’d have another week to get some launch materials together to drip feed into my thread on the Unity Forums. Serves me right for being so efficient!

The biggest issue however was my wife coming down with mastitis the night I learnt the assets had gone live. If you can’t be bothered to Google it I can tell you that mastitis is very painful and also brings flu-like symptoms. And she had to carry on breast-feeding. Suddenly I’m helping to look after her and the other two.
So no launch materials.

She’s nearly over it now, I hope, but some client work has just come in so that pushes back anything I can do for the assets. Oh well, gotta pay the bills.

Clean Sci Fi: Modular Corridors and Rooms now available to buy on the Asset Store! Click the link below!


Just had confirmation that my asset pack has been accepted.

Actually something of a surprise since I’ve found a couple of issues that need fixing myself. Either the Unity crew didn’t spot them or didn’t deem them show-stoppers. So…hurrah!

Can’t find it in the store yet, however. I’ll post here when it goes live.

Wow! I’d better get my first update ready!

I’ve done a first draft of a promo video for the game assets. See it here!

Late last night I submitted a draft version of the asset pack for appraisal. This is the first time I’ve gone through the submission process so I am expecting to have to re-submit after reviewing Unity’s comments at the end of the review process.
I’ll keep you posted.

A month or so ago I received a message from an old lodger of ours, Stephen Whitson. Several years ago my wife and I put him up in our flat over Christmas as he was working as an actor in the Southampton panto. I did some work on projection for the panto, (which impressed him) and so, years later he contacted me to ask if I would help out on his latest work.

It turns out that Stephen is now a director of both short films and plays. Check out his company’s website to find out more.
Currently he is associate director on Cameron Mackintosh’s production of Barnum and had a seven week break from that show, which he wished to fill with a small project of his own. The two-handed play is called If Only… and is by the Canadian playwright Michael Tremblay.

Instead of writing this post I should be working on the projection asked of me for the last scene in the play. If you happen to be in the Clapham area of South London from the 6th do go and see it. It is a very small fringe venue so tickets will be scarce.

All the details are here.

Time has been fragmented of late. I teach at the Southampton Solent University once a week as an associate lecturer on their Computer and Video Games BA course. I really enjoy keeping in touch with students who are learning all this games malarkey for the very first time. I hope I help them with my experience, but I also know I get a lot back too. Just being with them can sometimes give you a fresh perspective. Anyway, I digress.

The much delayed Unity Asset Store Sci Fi environment pack is nearing completion and should be ready for release in a matter of days. On top of that I’m looking at what platforms outside of the previously mentioned Ouya can be exploited for publishing my forthcoming driving game, tentatively called Racer X.


The Ouya is so accessible it is begging to be a lead platform. Beyond that it seems silly not to publish on the Android marked generally with the Google Play store and Amazon. But there are other exciting possibilities too.

First of all there is nVidia’s Shield. Also an Android-based device but games can be deployed via Steam. I need to do a lot more research, and get my hands on some hardware, but it is so close to Ouya (Tegra 4 chipset etc.) that it seem silly to ignore it.

And perhaps even more exciting is the recent announcement by Unity that they are making PSM (PlayStation Mobile) publishing a free option. So I’m now registered as both a Shield and PS Vita developer too. Hurray!

It’s a little like coming home as a few years ago I worked as Lead Artist for Curve Studios in Islington, helping to develop the PSP versions of the hugely popular Buzz! quiz games in partnership with Sony themselves.

So my shopping list is getting longer: nVidia Shield; PS Vita; Time Machine.