Elevators 1.1

Blimey! I’m bad at this blogging malarkey. I’ve never kept a diary so I’m finding it a habit that needs to be cultivated. I’m going to experiment with scheduling some time on Friday mornings for some exclusive blog love. We’ll see how it goes.

Anyway, I have been making progress but, as always, it seems to take longer than expected. This time it has been those pesky elevators again. I had taken them to the point where they worked, after a fashion, and I recently decided that I needed to add some polish before release. Well, that opened a can of worms and I’ve burned several days on completely re-writing the C# code.

It turned out that form, as always, follows function and the features of the elevator code dictated how they would look; what buttons and interface to include and so on.

It was also bothering me that the system I had in place was very inflexible. Fine for a demo, in principle, but if I needed to change anything then it was like unpicking a very woolly sweater. So in my re-write I’ve aimed for a stripped-down but powerful, flexible system. One worthy of selling on, which is the whole point. In fact, it occurred to me that I should really offer it as a standalone package for purchase on the store. Having put in all the work it would be a shame to not get the reward.

So the plan, moving forward, is to include it with the Clean Sci Fi assets in a demo (or two) and also offer it for sale to anyone who doesn’t need the whole graphics package but may need a decent elevator solution.


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