Out of the Blue


Sorry for the lack of news. Aside from my previous excuses of (chiefly) fatherhood and other issues delaying my progress in updating the asset pack, I now have another reason for the slow progress.

I have a job. Not another freelance short-term contract type of job but a full-time position as Video Games Development teacher at Totton College, near where I live in the South of England.

It all happened very quickly as their previous teacher left abruptly just before the start of the teaching year. Apparently he was quite inexperienced and a recent university graduate himself. I heard about the job on a Friday, interviewed for the position on the Monday and started work on the following Thursday. So my head is still spinning. I’m trying to adjust to the new circumstances as I’ve never taught at this level before: university – yes; college – no. I need to get on top of things so I can plan the year’s units and start teaching to a plan. At the moment I’m teaching by instinct and simply throwing information at the students.

Speaking of which, the students are great, the college is great, the facilities are excellent and the staff are very friendly and helpful.

So what kind of impact will this have on my Unity Store assets? Well, I was nearing the point of being able to release a new version with PBR shader assets but I didn’t quite get to making all the new texture versions. That will now be delayed a few weeks as I shift priority to getting on top of this job. Once I do then I’ll try and get the new PBR version out there.

Longer term I think it means that I will have to plan my releases to coincide with the long-ish holidays that this job affords. I’m using the assets as a teaching tool and as such I’ll build on it and expand the asset family over time to help the students and my paying customers. Luckily for me the college course I’m teaching uses Unity3D. Hurrah!

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