PBR and Custom Shaders

Teaching has put a real slow down on my ability to update the assets as frequently as I’d like. But, it has not stopped me from responding to support issues with alacrity, I’m pleased to say.
Currently I’m on Easter break so I’m managing to put in some time for the long-overdue switch to full PBR for the Unity 5.x version. I’m discovering that I can plug in the PBR lighting model into my custom shaders. That’s good news as I was scratching my head over how to implement my ‘cheat’ with static props not contributing to the light map atlas (a saving I have been quite proud of). The baked static environment can use the vanilla Unity 5 standard shader but I need a solution for my props. Looks like I’ve found it.
Hopefully, by the end of this Easter break, I’ll have the next version of the asset pack published. Expect a video explaining the changes around that time too.


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