Life changes

I am alive! I have not passed away. I’ve just been rather busy.

I’ve also had a few life changes. Life is the key word. I have aging parents who now need constant care. Lucky for me, and them, we have a large and loving family who are able to see to their needs. I also have two young children who take up a lot of spare time. So not much time left for my own game development.
The most significant change however has been my relocation to Germany. I left full time teaching and I was lured back to professional game development here in Munich by an old friend and former colleague. So now I am working as Lead Artist for Travian Games.
Recently Unity has contacted me to tell me that they are dropping support for java/unityscript. I have always included the Unity4x First Person Controller in my asset pack because it was better (in my opinion) than the newer version in Unity5x. Unfortunately the old Unity4x controller used java/unityscript. So I need to replace it. This is throwing up some issues. I’ll post on this subject soon, before the release of an updated version of the Clean Sci Fi asset pack. Watch this space!


Made with Mice is owned and run by experienced 3D artist Simon Cooper. Simon's career has spanned many years and several disciplines within the visual arts; including theatre set design, graphic design, photography, web design, film and games art production. The majority of his time over the last decade has been spent in video game art production; encompassing animation, environments, character design, user interface and full motion video production. His most recent work in games was with Curve Studios Ltd., in Islington, where he worked as Lead Artist on several Buzz! titles for Sony Entertainment Europe on the PSP platform. His last project with Curve was as Lead Artist on their own IP, entitled Explodemon - released through the Playstation Network early in 2011. Now he is working freelance to exploit the depth of his knowledge for the benefit of his clients.

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