Hello 5.3. Goodbye 4.x


I have been steadily working on a new, updated version of the Clean Sci Fi asset pack. I’ve found that coming in to work an hour early each day when it is nice and quiet is the best time to try and move forward on this.

I solved the First Person Controller issue by simply making my own. It behaves properly, unlike the Unity Standard Assets version. If the elevator prefab was rotated in any way it would throw off the Unity 5 version when the player was parented to it. I couldn’t see a way of solving it after much experimentation. I came to the conclusion that I needed to simply supply my own.
People using Ultimate FPS (UFPS) have not previously reported any issue so I assume that controller works just fine. If you have a different experience please let me know.

So I was steadily working towards a new version and I began the long process of switching (where possible) to the Standard PBR shader for materials. However I suddenly got an email from Unity telling me that my asset was going to be auto-deprecated because it contained Unityscript. I had to abandon the work on shaders and materials to quickly release a version (Unity 5.3) without the troublesome Unityscript.

Lucky for me the Unity team have approved it very quickly (a matter of days instead of weeks) so it is back in the store.
I will now continue work on the switch to Unity PBR.

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