Some of my fondest memories from childhood involve video games. Not just playing them. I can remember taking turns with my sister to type in programs published in Computer and Video Games magazine into our Commodore Vic-20.

Now looking back it seems inevitable that I would find a career in games development.

However, it took a few twists and turns before I arrived in games: working in theatre, illustration and multimedia before I got my first job as an animator for Fube Industries.

Since then I have hugely enjoyed the process of creating art for video games. All through my career a fascination with swiftly-evolving technology has helped me to be a conduit between the art and code teams on several projects.

Over the years I have also embraced the challenge of helping to build art teams and lead them through some tough, but rewarding production cycles resulting in many published titles.

I have also had the opportunity to pass on my development experience through teaching, escaping briefly from the games industry for two periods.

But games draw me back. My passion remains video game production. It is still a thrill seeing a game idea evolve and develop into a published title. Having a hand in that process seems to be what I do best.

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  1. Richard Hawkins

    Hi Simon,

    I recently saw you posting on a article about the unity asset store. Wonder if I could ask few questions. I’m looking at putting some character work on the asset store and seeing if they would be picked up. Could I ask how the asset store has done for you and if it’s a worth while venture?

    Richard Hawkins

    1. Simon

      Hi Richard,

      I wish I could be of more help but the assets I’m looking to publish soon are my first on the store – so I’m in the same position as you.
      It’s frustrating that there are no sales stats published on the Unity store, like there are for some others, so it is quite a gamble to try it for the first time. I’ve decided to jump in and invest some time to see what kind of sales are possible. It’s clear that some people (the best quality) submit again and again so it must be paying off for them. That has been my main encouragement, plus the fun I have making the assets.

      If it doesn’t pay for all the time I’ve invested then I’ll add them to the portfolio anyway, plus I can port them to UDK or Source and try and create some buzz in those communities too.

      So, I’m sorry that I can’t be of more use to you but I wish you well. Good luck!

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