Simon Cooper

Some of my fondest memories from childhood involve video games. Not just playing them. I can remember taking turns with my sister to type in programs published in Computer and Video Games magazine into our Vic-20.
Now looking back, more than 30 years later, it seems inevitable that I would find a career in games development.

However, it took a few twists and turns before I arrived in games: working in theatre, illustration and multimedia before I got my first job as an animator in games.

Since then I haven’t looked back, hugely enjoying the process of games creation; specifically art production. All through my career my fascination with the swiftly-evolving technology has helped me to always keep one foot in the technical side of production, enabling me to be a conduit between the art and code teams on several projects.

Over the years I have also embraced the challenge of helping to build art teams and lead them through some tough, but rewarding production cycles resulting in many published titles.

I have also had the opportunity to pass on my development experience through teaching at university and at college level; rewarding on so many levels.

My passion remains video game production. Seeing a game idea evolve and develop into a product enjoyed by myriads of gamers is still a thrill for me. Having a hand in that process seems to be what I do best.