Explodemon! was published on PSN in 2011 by Curve Studios.

I was Lead Artist on the project. My responsibilities included:

  • Managing the art team
  • Production of documentation
  • Assisting the Art Director to produce 2D concepts
  • Working with the Code department on engine features
  • Developing tools and methodologies
  • Streamlining the art pipeline

A frustrating aspect of being a Lead Artist is that, aside from the published game itself and the credit, you are not left with much to call your own. There are few pieces of artwork in the game that I produced solo. It was the case that I would begin producing the artwork, ascertain the best methodology for production, and then pass that piece on to another member of the team for completion. I started many, many things but left it to my team to finish them.

So, to put it another way; the vast majority of what you see in the video I had a hand in producing.