After going freelance I had my first experience of working with a third-party game engine. Up until this point I had always worked with bespoke, in-house game engines made by the dev team themselves. I have to say, I love working in Unity and it has also pushed me to polish my previously dormant coding skills. C# is a pleasure to use.

I teach at Totton College where Unity is the game engine of choice. It is great fun to develop portions of games and use them as teaching aids.

Sci Fi Unity assets

Rocket Rescue

Clean Sci Fi assets. Click the thumbnail to see the asset store entry, including video and screenshots.
I needed an example 2D project to give the to the students, so I made a prototype space shooter called Rocket Rescue. Click the thumbnail to launch a WebGL version.
Please bear in mind it is very rough and limited in features. It is just a sandbox demo level – you can zoom around and shoot things. Controls are W and D to turn; SPACE to shoot; and T to thrust.



And here is a work-in-progress WebGL version of my résumé.

WebGL Résumé

Use the keyboard number keys 1 thru 9 to change the view and see a period of my employment history.

Hit the same key again to hide the caption.